Filter Evolution Table

At Semrock we are constantly increasing and improving our product offerings. From time to time a part is replaced by an improved version. This table contains a list of part numbers that are no longer offered by Semrock, along with the corresponding part number of the appropriate replacement. Note that when a part that has been replaced is ordered, the order is automatically filled with the improved version. Products are listed alphabetically by part number.

Part Number
Replaced By
Cy3-4040A- Cy3-4040B-
DA/FI/TR/Cy5-4X4M-A- DA/FI/TR/Cy5-4X4M-B-
DA/FI/TX-Di01- FF436/514/604-Di01-
DA/FI/TX-Em01- FF01-457/530/628-
DA/FI/TX-Ex01- FF01-407/494/576-
DA/FI/TX-Ex02- FF01-407/494/576-
DAPI-5060A- DAPI-5060B-
FF01-405/10- LD01-405/10-
FF01-447/60- FF02-447/60-
FF01-473/30A- FF01-473/30-
FF01-482/35A- FF01-482/35-
FF01-525/40- FF01-531/40-
FF01-527/30- FF01-529/24-
FF01-531/40A- FF01-531/40-
FF01-562/40A- FF01-562/40-
FF01-572/27- FF01-575/25-
FF01-577/20- FF01-575/15-
FF01-628/27- FF01-625/26-
FF01-628/30- FF01-632/22-
FF01-628/40A- FF01-628/40-
FF01-639/8- LD01-640/8-
FF01-687/30- FF01-684/24-
FF409-Di02- FF409-Di03-
FF409-Em02- FF01-447/60-
FF409-Ex02- FF01-377/50-
FF458-Em01- FF01-483/32-
FF458-Ex01- FF01-438/24-
FF495-Di02- FF495-Di03-
FF495-Em01- FF01-520/35-
FF495-Ex01- FF01-472/30-
FF495-Ex02- FF01-472/30-
FF506-Di02- FF506-Di03-
FF506-Em02- FF01-536/40-
FF506-Ex02- FF01-482/35-
FF506-Ex03- FF01-482/35-
FF506-Ex04- FF01-482/35-
FF520-Em01- FF01-542/27-
FF520-Ex01- FF01-500/24-
FF520-Ex02- FF01-500/24-
FF555-Di01- FF555-Di02-
FF555-Em02- FF01-585/40-
FF555-Ex02- FF01-525/40-
FF555-Ex03- FF01-525/40-
FF562-Di01- FF562-Di02-
FF562-Em02- FF01-593/40-
FF562-Ex02- FF01-531/40-
Part Number
Replaced By
FF562-Ex03- FF01-531/40-
FF593-Di01- FF593-Di02-
FF593-Em02- FF01-624/40-
FF593-Ex02- FF01-562/40-
FF593-Ex03- FF01-562/40-
FF01-639/8- LD01-640/8-
FF660-Em02- FF01-692/40-
FF660-Ex02- FF01-628/40-
FF660-Ex03- FF01-628/40-
FITC-3540A- FITC-3540B-
FITC-4040A- FITC-3540A-
GFP-3035A- GFP-3035B-
GFP/DsRed-2X2M-A- GFP/DsRed-2X2M-B-
LP01-1064RS- LP02-1064RS-
LP01-1064RU- LP02-1064RU-
LP01-325RS- LP02-325RS-
LP01-325RU- LP02-325RU-
LP01-355RS- LP02-355RS-
LP01-355RU- LP02-355RU-
LP01-364RS- LP02-364RS-
LP01-364RU- LP02-364RU-
LP01-473RS- LP02-473RS-
LP01-473RU- LP02-473RU-
LP01-488RS- LP02-488RS-
LP01-488RU- LP02-488RU-
LP01-514RS- LP02-514RS-
LP01-514RU- LP02-514RU-
LP01-532RS- LP02-532RS-
LP01-532RU- LP02-532RS-
LP01-633RS- LP02-633RS-
LP01-633RU- LP02-633RU-
LP01-785RS- LP02-785RS-
LP01-785RU- LP02-785RU-
LP01-980RS- LP02-980RS-
LP01-980RU- LP02-980RU-
LP02-325RU- LP03-325RU-
LP02-532RS- LP03-532RS-
LP02-532RU- LP03-532RU-
NF01-405S- NF02-405S-
NF01-405U- NF02-405U-
NF01-442S- NF02-405S-
NF01-532S-, NF02-532S- NF02-532U-
NF01-633S-, NF02-633S- NF03-633E-
NF02-405U- NF03-405E-
TXRED-4040A- TXRED-4040B-